About Not Storify

Storify shut down in May 2018. Some people used Storify to archive discussions they didn't want to disappear from the Internet, but was going to happen when Storify closed. Not Storify archived some of those discussions with the creators' permission, and without advertising or fees.

Not Storify will continue to store these archives indefinitely. However, as Not Storify embeds media from many different sites (most notably Twitter and Symplur), it will continue to function well only while those sites exist, work reasonably well, and don't change the embedding methods for their content. If the overwhelming majority of stories on Not Storify are no longer readable for this reason, it will be shut down.

Not Storify is a simple labor of love of Christian Jones, and is designed to be not for profit as a small part of the No Rights Reserved project, but is not a registered nonprofit group and no copyright (or public domain) claims are made at this time regarding the content of Not Storify. Not Storify is in no way related to the Storify product except as an intention to archive a small portion of that product's content upon its departure from the market. With any questions or concerns, please email Christian Jones.